Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Need You're Help Choosing Homeopathic HCG!

I am SO overwhelmed by the homeopathic HCG choices and where to order from. Have any of you went down this path? It seemed a lot easier to just order to actual HCG from another country! I am afraid to choose a website and get scammed. Please help!


helderheid said...

I've NOT done HHCG but know people who have.

I can personally tell you that Pounds and Inches Away is a reputable company. They actually hired me as a coach but I am too busy with real estate to work their hours. Here is their #


BJ Dougharty said...

I used the HHCG from I was impressed with both the fast service and my results. I highly recommend them.
I lost a total of 42 lbs so far and have one more round to go.

Kathryn said...

I am not an expert by any means but all I can say is do not buy the spray. I bought it off ebay and it caused me nothing but massive hunger and frustration.

Anonymous said...

So have you started your 2nd round? Good luck, I start my 4th day (only 2nd VLCD) Sunday!

Homeopathic HCG said...


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JSmith said...

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Ali said...

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